Hi! I’m Jess, and welcome to my little blog! I’m a wife, SAHM (stay at home mom) to a toddler, and I love Jesus, sewing, crafting, event planning, cupcakes, wine, and all things Texas!

I grew up watching my mother sew gorgeous dresses and suits, but I didn’t really pick up sewing garments until I was a newlywed. I learned to crochet from my nanny while we watched the Cubs play on t.v. as a kid. While I was pregnant, I taught myself to knit, and now, I love visiting my local yarn shops when I can.

Life can get a little busy at times, but I still love to craft and create into the wee hours whenever I can. I teach garment sewing at Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop in Fort Worth, so that has limited my “selfish” sewing time a bit. I don’t share all of my creations on here, but you can always follow along on Instagram and see what I’m up to.

Full disclosure, all opinions are mine, and so are the pictures. I purchase all of my fabric, patterns and notions, and I don’t receive any money if you click on or purchase via the links. If this ever changes, I’ll make sure to let you know. 🙂

Thanks for checking out the blog!


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