Ghostly Alba

After J and I discussed a possible move within a year, I decided I needed to start stash busting some of my fabric and yarn. In doing this, I came across this forgotten ribbed Halloween knit I purchased last year from a local fabric store. It was more of a pain to sew with than I expected, but I love how this dress turned out.


I chose the Alba Cowl Neck Dress by Violette Field Threads because I wanted something that could be layered. Although it’s technically summer, I had to pull out our winter coats last week for a couple of days, so I am planning for whatever weather we are having next month! It’s warmed up again, but it’s cooler now than it was before the rain.

Okay, back to the dress! I made a few revisions and shortened it by two inches. I used interfacing, which wasn’t mentioned in the pattern, for the neckline and cowl. I wanted to make sure the neckline would keep its shape, and I liked the stiffer cowl neck in the cover photo, but I knew my knit needed a little help for more structure. I also modified the keyhole in the back and omitted the pockets and buttons on the back of the cowl.

Overall, it was pretty easy to sew up, and I will definitely make more of these for Lo. I’m considering making the next one with a lightweight corduroy I found awhile back on sale. I have a few other things I’m working on that I’ll be showing you guys soon, along with the culottes I made earlier this summer!

So, have you been sewing any new patterns lately? Where do you go for your patterns? Is there a designer you absolutely love? Please share! I love discovering new designers and seeing others creations.



Hallow Cricket

Hey there! This summer has flown by for us! Thankfully, we are finally settling into our groove, and I have begun prepping for the holidays! I have my fabric picked out, but I’m still unsure which patterns to use on each. I did, however, decide on a Halloween dress for Lo last night, and I finished it tonight!


I purchased a couple of yards of Bella Blvd’s Too Cute To Spook awhile back and decided to make Lo a dress using the Cricket pattern by Brownie Goose. I fell in love with the simple A-line shape and curved hem, so I purchased the pattern during a sale last month. To be honest, I had read several bad reviews from various groups and sites, so I was expecting a poorly written pattern with usable pattern pieces.


With that said, I was pleasantly surprised to see clear instructions and some great tips for sewing this dress. Personally, I didn’t care for the banter in the instructions, but I know there are those who appreciate it. I did change the facing pieces in the pattern and fully lined the inside for this version. Lastly, I modified the sleeves a bit in order to remove some of the volume since I used a quilter’s cotton since it doesn’t have much drape. I also deviated from her instructions by enclosing the gathered sleeves into the band.


One last note regarding the pattern is, although it states that you can use woven fabric, I think this pattern is best for knit, especially if you make this for a girl without knowing her measurements. I had to go up 3 sizes from the usual size I make Lo, and it’s still a bit more snug than I would like. Overall, I think this will be a pattern I use often with the minor tweaks.

So, what have you been sewing up lately? Any holiday sewing on your table? Or any other crafting projects?

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Pleated Pencil Skirt

Hello, there! My, it’s been awhile! Things have been hectic around here, but life is beginning to slow down, thankfully. One of the things I was working on was testing Delia’s (from Delia Creates) Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern. Have you checked out her blog? She has great tutorials, recipes, tips, and her kids are so cute!


As I mentioned earlier, I tested Delia’s Pleated Pencil Skirt earlier this month, and if you’re in search of a great fitting pencil skirt with a relaxed waist fit, look no further. I absolutely love the look and fit of this skirt! After having Lo, I couldn’t wait to get the weight off. Now that I have, I am noticing that my clothes do not fit the way they did before growing a bump. As a result, I have been sewing for myself more and more since my trips to the mall aren’t as successful as they once were, and I can’t wait to make more of these skirts!



This skirt features a closed kick pleat in the back and skims over waist and hips without being restrictive. She gives you great pictures and instructions for each step with tips throughout to ensure you will have a  great fitting skirt in the end. Did I mention it’s also lined? This was great considering it became windy halfway through the shoot, and it kept this silk-poly blend fabric from adhering to my skin.


The last thing I loved about this pattern is that there weren’t a ton of pages to print! It’s also color coordinated to each size, so it’s easy to put together and cut out your size. Get inspired, and see what the other testers did with this pattern.


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Lo’s Big Banner

Lo’s party is in less than two weeks! Eek! My baby is turning one! Jon and I have been reviewing photos over the last year, and are simply amazed at how much she has learned and grown! She’s in the 95th percentile in height and 83rd percentile in weight; not too shabby for a preemie!

With that being said, we settled on a Winnie the Pooh themed party this year. It was surprising how few the options were on party supplies that are available. As a result, Jon and I have been busy making things for the party. First up, is the birthday banner.


Want to make one? Here’s what I did. First, I gathered my supplies: glue gun, thread (It’s not pictured.), pom-pom trim, ruler, burlap, ribbon, cut letters (I had these, but I ended up using my cutter and made black letters.), scissors, embellishments )I used chip board embellishments.) and a ruler.

SAM_7064Next, I cut up my burlap into identical pieces and added an extra ½ inch in order to sew the ends. Make sure to swap out your sewing needle to a heavy-duty one, and I recommend using tissue paper underneath to make it easier to slide through. I folded the frayed edge in ¼ inch twice and sewed with a stronger stitch length.

SAM_7041The next thing I did was hot glue the embellishments and letters to my burlap flags. Be careful; the burlap is mesh, and you can easily burn yourself.

SAM_7050Once I did this, I decided I wanted to sew my pom-pom trim to my ribbon. You are able to use your hot glue gun if you don’t want (or know how) to sew. Just remember to not burn your fingers. Just take it slow, and make sure it stays aligned. Also, keep in mind how long you want the banner length, and if you want the entire banner to have pom-pom trim or just the flag/bunting portion. I decided to make the ends plain with only the ribbon.



For the last step, I sewed the ribbon trim to the burlap flags. I spaced them 3 inches apart, pinned them in place, and sewed them on the top edges of the burlap. Make sure to reinforce the ends you just sewed, so it doesn’t unravel. You can hot glue the ribbon to the top edge of the burlap flags, but again, watch those fingers.



Snip away all the tails, if you sewed. I folded the ends of the ribbon in twice and sewed them. If you didn’t sew, you should just use the Fray Block so the ends of your ribbon don’t fray.



That’s it. You’re done! Easy peasy.

SAM_7131 SAM_7117


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Jacquard Leanne Marshall

Earlier this week I was in need of a few sewing notions, so Jon stayed home with Lo and I was able to slip away to a local fabric store.  While there, I came across a gorgeous, floral jacquard fabric and I knew I needed to bring it home. Since I bought the remainder that was on the bolt, I needed to find a pattern that only required 2 ½ yards of fabric and would be a fairly simple and quick pattern.

My friend Amy was getting married (The wedding was today!), and I knew this is what I wanted to wear. I originally had Simplicity 1585 in mind, but I switched to my Simplicity 1877 at the last second since I already had all the pattern pieces cut out. I love my Easter dress, and I don’t mind having another version. Somehow, I ended up with enough of a remnant to make Lo a Piper dress, and I plan on making her bloomers to match soon.SAM_7027 I kept to the pattern, but made the mistake of not going down a size. This fabric has more stretch than I anticipated, and I don’t want to unpick the seams, so I’ll just belt it. Other than that, I love this dress. Now, I just need to shop for new tan wedges and get a hair cut, and then, I’ll be satisfied with my ensemble! SAM_7025 So, tell me, do you generally plan what you’re about to sew? Or do you stumble upon projects when you find the right fabric or pattern? I think I do a bit of both. What did you work on this week?

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Lo’s Piper

I can’t believe we’re at the end of May! Have you had one of those months in which you feel as though you’re being pulled in too many directions? With Me Made May ’14, Indie Sewing Month and Lo’s upcoming birthday and baptism, it’s been a bit hectic around here. Then, I lost all of our cameras, so I wasn’t chronicling anything I have done the past couple of weeks.  I blame it on my insomnia for the past month. Oh, well; that’s life!

As I mentioned before, I am busy preparing for Lo’s birthday and baptism, and I wanted to make her Violette Field Threads’ Piper dress for her baptism. I fell in love with that big bow in the back, and the A-line silhouette is just so cute with the peter pan collar! Seriously, ,how cute are these girls?! So, I excitedly purchased the pdf and was ready to get started. I decided to make a dress out of whatever remnants I had before I cut into the gorgeous silk I intend to use for the special occasion.


Once I pieced all the pages together from the pdf, I realized I didn’t care much for the pattern’s construction. The instructions aren’t always clear, and the bow isn’t lined. She mentions that you can line it, but never tells you how to line it. I wasn’t sure if I needed to add extra seam allowances, or how to minimize the bulkiness from the lining, but it was better than exposed selvedged edges, in my opinion. Since this is for a toddler, I know it’ll be worn roughly with all the playing and exploring, and I want the bow to look nice from all angles and give her comfortable arm movement.

I sewed them in the round hoping the outcome would look okay, but unfortunately, the sleeves aren’t designed well enough to sew them that way. I am not a fan of patterns that tell you to add the sleeves flat (before sewing the sides together) because it’s uncomfortable, looks awkward when worn and restricts arm movement.  I plan on making a muslin in order to draft a nice fitting set of sleeves keeping this in mind.

I made the bias tape according to the instructions, but it is entirely too wide for the smaller sizes. I honestly did not want to make more bias tape, so I did my best to keep it ¼ inch on the outside and sew the excess securely on the inside. Lastly, I also omitted the elastic on the edge of the sleeve as well.

With all that being said, it’s a fairly easy pattern if you have sewn garments for yourself or a child. If you don’t care about selvedged edges, sewing flat sleeves or visible wrong sides of fabric, then you’ll love this pattern. I’ve seen some of the tester’s creations, and they turned out fine by following the instructions given. Overall, it took me about four hours from cutting to finishing the hems despite the adjustments I made.  Also, it has options for a ¾ length sleeve and long sleeve.  Once I have my muslin the way I want, I’m looking forward to making more of these for Lo in the future. I love this fabric, so she’ll still be wearing this version this summer.

SAM_6998 SAM_7000

Have you ever been disappointed by a pattern? Do you prefer sewing in the round or flat? What’s the reason for your preference?

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Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways!

I’m busy prepping for “Lo’s Big One” party, but took a break to check out Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day. Have you checked it out? There’s a handmade post and a supplies post. It’s a great way to meet other new bloggers and try to win free stuff. Not all giveaways are international, but most of the ones I have seen are! Good luck!

I’ll be back soon with a Me Made May halfway point recap, finished projects and a tutorial! For now, I’ll go back to working on some party supplies and keep searching for my camera! In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram here.